Cisco Revamps Architecture for Mobile Video

As mobile devices increasingly become consumers’ computing device of choice — or at least convenience — carriers are having to deliver ever-growing volumes of data over their networks.

The consumption of mobile video is poised to put a particular strain on network capacity, according to Cisco. That concern has led the networking giant to develop a new architecture for optimizing the delivery of video traffic on mobile networks.

Dubbed MOVE, the new system pairs a software solution for mobile video delivery called Mobile Videoscape with existing Cisco hardware platforms, including the ASR 5000 router and UCS server.

The the software includes a mobile video gateway that sits on top of the ASR 5000.

In addition to the mobile video technology, Cisco is also rolling out a new carrier-grade Wi-Fi technology, including a new access point that supports the 802.11u specification.

Wi-Fi Planet has the details on Cisco’s new networking equipment.

Read the full story at Wi-Fi Planet:

Cisco Mobilizes Video, Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

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