Juniper Unwraps QFabric for Data Centers

Juniper Networks has been working on Project Stratus for the past three years and the fruits of that labor came to light Wednesday. Project Stratus, which will be known commercially as QFabric, is an ambitious new data center fabric for cloud computing designed to reduce network layers and complexity. The company said it invested $100 million in the QFabric effort and filed over 125 patents related to the project.

At a launch event for QFabric, Juniper (NYSE: JNPR) CEO Kevin Johnson said that in traditional network architectures each layer of a network requires some processing before a packet is transported. The QFabric approach is different.

“We process once and we transport to any,” Johnson said. “By doing that what we’re able to provide are significant benefits in the areas of scalability, speed and performance.”

Juniper’s founder and CTO Pradeep Sindhu added that QFabric enables a network to look like a single flat switch that can then be more easily managed and provisioned.

“QFabric looks like a single large flat logical switch and a single switch that has industry standard interfaces,” Sindhu said. “What the single large switch enables is full resource pooling as well as partitioning of resources for organizational purposes.

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