NVIDIA Pads Patent Portfolio

Adding network and storage expertise, Graphics technology manufacturer NVIDIA today announced that it has acquired the technology assets of iReady Corp. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Privately held iReady holds several patents for high-performance networking and iSCSI technologies. iSCSI is an Internet Protocol-based standard for linking data storage devices over a network.

NVIDIA also acquired the rights to iReady’s patent applications and hired the core group iReady’s engineers. Both companies are based in Santa Clara, Calif.

“NVIDIA believes iReady has a tremendous amount of resident expertise in networking and storage technology,” NVIDIA spokeswoman Calisa Cole told internetnews.com.

Among iReady’s offerings is the ethernetMAX ultra-high-performance Ethernet networking product that provides scalability and interoperability.

In addition, the iReady iSCSI Storage Adapter and Secure Storage Adapter deliver line-rate Gigabit Ethernet performance with an integrated iSCSI controller. The company also offers a full suite of iSCSI initiator and target software.

“Our strategy with the iReady assets we acquired is to further enable the server and workstation business opportunities created by our line of NVIDIA nForce3 Professional media and communications processors,” Cole said.

The nForce 3 Professional motherboard was released in June and includes enterprise networking and RAID capabilities that meet the demands of power graphics users.

NVIDIA recently launched its new GeForce 6800 models of graphics processing units or GPU in a bid to reclaim superiority in the graphics chip market over rival ATI.

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