RPK Adds Multi-Platform Support for Streaming Encryption

RPK Security, Inc. announced RPK SecureMedia V2.0
for the RealNetworks RealSystem G2 media delivery system.

RPK SecureMedia provides content publishers
a security solution for Web-based multimedia streaming with support of
Solaris, Oracle’s 8i database and common Linux distributions, including Red
Hat, VA Linux Systems and Caldera OpenLinux.

RPK SecureMedia provides content protection, confidentiality, authentication
and access control for streaming media with encryption, made to ensure valuable
content or confidential business information is not pirated or altered in
transit, the company said.

“RPK SecureMedia is the first solution to stream content encrypted over the
Internet or intranet using RealNetworks’ RealServer 7.0,” said Ben Rotholtz,
general manager, RealNetworks, Inc. “RPK’s innovative product addresses a
growing customer need for security and is designed to provide seamless
real-time performance, allowing users of RealSystem G2 to conduct
confidential business or send secure and trusted broadcasts or entertainment

RPK SecureMedia can be used in a range of settings and applications including
secure music and video delivery, videoconferencing, corporate and
government briefings, remote training and distance learning,
advertising/content creation and ISPs — secure remote hosting, the firm said.

RPK Security’s Encryptonite Engine, the core technology in RPK
products, is a public key encryption system designed to address the needs of
streaming media. It is designed to accommodate variable sized, garbled, lost
or out-of-order packets without noticeable performance degradation and scale
up as broadband Internet connections become prevalent.

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