SiBeam Offers Wireless Video Streaming Chips

Wireless computing tends to be limited to cell phones and computers, but there is a move on in the consumer electronics space to bring wireless streaming to that market as well. Like the computer industry, they have the same headache: cables and wires.

SiBeam has introduced a new chipset supporting two protocols that will make it possible to stream from a storage device, like a laptop, to a display device. This has benefits to the home as well as business user. Find out how at Wi-Fi Planet.

Wireless chipset provider SiBeam has introduced a new chipset built on two high-speed wireless standards that will make it possible to broadcast high-definition video over a wireless network or from one device to another.

The SB8110 transceiver and development kit supports broadcasting the video up to 10 meters, ideal for the home or an office. It combines support for both the WirelessHD and WiGig specifications, which has just been giving a significant industry boost. WirelessHD is a wireless digital interface for lossless HD video, multichannel audio, intelligent format and control data, with Hollywood-approved content protection.

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SiBeam Introduces Wireless Video Streaming Chipset

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