Wi-Fi Networking Could Get Speedier

It hasn’t even been that long since 802.11n Wi-Fi became a ratified standard, but now momentum is gathering behind an even faster technology.

The new, faster Wi-Fi could rely on 60GHz wavelength and offer speeds up to 7GB/sec. — competing with or surpassing today’s wired connections and potentially enabling a host of new applications and services. Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look at the new effort, led by the WiGig Alliance in connection with the Wi-Fi Alliance, the keepers of the flame in Wi-Fi.

Wireless networking is about to get a whole lot faster thanks to a new 60GHz spectrum specification from the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, an industry consortium working with existing standards groups to push the spec forward.

Currently, Wi-Fi operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums with dual-band 802.11n wireless gear. Now, however, the new WiGig 60GHz specification is aimed at enabling new, tri-band devices that will be able to leverage 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 60GHz and will scale up to transfer speeds of 7 gigabits per second.

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Wi-Fi Networking Headed for 60GHz, Gigabit Speeds

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