D-Link Goes Outdoors

D-Link finally has added new products to its AirPremier line of enterprise class products — which formerly only had one access point, the DWL-1000AP+ — but they’re not just the regular “stick ’em in the ceiling” kind of access points.

D-Link this week announced the DWL-1700 AirPremier Outdoor Wireless Access Point and the DWL-1750 AirPremier Outdoor Wireless Bridge/Router. Both are ruggedized 802.11b products for the outdoors that come in weather proof casings and run with Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections so they can connect back to a central switch. Each costs $1199.

The DWL-1700 Access Point reportedly provides a range of up to 600 meters and comes with security features such as MAC address filtering, a NAT firewall, and Denial of Service Attack protection. The unit will support 802.1X and WEP up to 128-bit (no word on WPA support).

The DWL-1750, when used with a high-gain directional antenna (D-Link has one sold separately), the unit can bridge the gap between networks up to 25 miles distant. It features the same security as the outdoor access point. It does not, however, support wireless distribution system (WDS) according to its specification sheet .

Finally, the company also announced the DCS-2100+ Enhanced 2.4 GHz Wireless Internet Camera, an upgrade to its previous 802.11b camera, the DCS-1000W . This new camera ups the speed, using the so-called 802.11b+ with a speed of 22Mbps and WEP support with 256-bit keys. The camera costs $399.

This new version also adds a microphone for picking up audio as well as full-motion (30 frames per second) video, all of which can be monitored in a Web browser and recorded in MPEG-4 format. The former IP View software has been replaced by IP Sentry which lets you stream video and keep tabs on multiple cameras, up to 16 at one time. It comes with a camera stand and hardware for mounting it on a wall or ceiling. It requires separate power and does not run on PoE.

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