Go Quad Mode with the D-Link Bridge/Access Point

D-Link today officially introduced its D-Link Air DWL-900AP. The product is a combination wireless bridge or access point using the 802.11b standard. It has four operating modes for use in WLAN configurations.

The DWL-900AP can act as a standard AP, a point-to-point wireless bridge, a point-to-multipoint bridge, or a wireless client adapter.

The point-to-point bridging mode can be used to link structures up to 900 feet apart. The point-to-multipoint bridge mode enables users to connect multiple locations.

Security can be implemented using 64/128-bit WEP and, if desired, Media Access Control (MAC) Authentication. MAC authentication forces the AP to verify the MAC address of any wireless adapter trying to access the WLAN, thereby prohibiting unwanted adapters from using the network.

The unit can be configured through its integrated USB port or via its built-in 10Mbps RJ-45 jack. The USB Configuration Utility lets users assign settings. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) can be used by admins to set up and maintain multiple DWL-900APs connected to a network.

The DWL-900AP is currently available and has an estimated street price of $131. It has a one year warranty and free, 24/7 tech support.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com

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