WLAN Protocol Analyzer Gets Upgraded

Version 1.1 of the AiroPeek packet analyzer for IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN’s was released today by WildPackets, Inc. The packet analyzer supports higher-level network protocols including TCP/IP, AppleTalk, NetBEUI and IPX. It analyzes network performance, isolates security problems, decodes 802.11B WLAN protocols, and identifies signal strength, channel, and data rate flows.

The new version (1.1) is designed with a broader range of NIC card support. Initially it was developed with Cisco Systems and only supported the Cisco 340 series cards. The new version supports Symbol, Nortel e-mobility, 3Com AirConnect, Cisco Aironet 350 series and Intel PRO Adapters. In particular, the company highlighted the new version’s support for Symbol Technologies’ Spectrum24 High Rate card. The company also stated that the new version incorporates several feature and UI enhancements.

Version 1.1 enhancements also include:

  • Channel scanning
  • Enhanced 8021.11b management package decoding
  • Post capture WEP (Wired Equivalency Protocol) Decryption
  • Control packet capture
  • WINS/NetBIOS name resolution
  • Limit nodes and conversations views to “top x”
  • “Accept matching” and “reject matching” filter modes
  • Value filter auto-creation from decode displays
  • “Beacon channel” added to the 802.11b analysis plug-in

WildPacket stated that the suggested retail price for the AiroPeek is $1,995. Also, maintenance owners receive all product upgrades for free, according to the company. AiroPeek is available for purchase at the company’s Web site.

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