Microsoft Hires CastleCop Founder for Spam Fight

Microsoft has quietly hired the founder of antispam Web site to work on its own antispam efforts regarding the company’s consumer Live services initiative.

CastleCops founder and administrator Paul Laudanski announced the move a week ago in a post on the site’s blog, although he actually started his new job at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) last month.

“Effective May 16th I have accepted a new opportunity as a full-time Internet safety investigator for Microsoft’s Live consumer services, Laudanski wrote in his post. “My areas include investigations into phishing, spam, and other Live service abuses.”

In the meantime, Laudanski is looking for someone to take over CastleCops.

“Managing the CastleCops network has come at a cost both personally and financially [so], since I can no longer sustain the level of support required that makes CastleCops successful,” Laudanski’s post continued. He wrote that he’s looking to transition to new management.

The site’s mission is to “focus on [helping] the community to be a welcoming, enjoyable, and family-friendly presence,” according to CastleCops’ wiki. Laudanski started the site in 2002 under the name Computer Cops, later changing to the current moniker in 2004.

Microsoft officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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