9 Net Avenue Launches Giantmall.com

9 Net Avenue in New Jersey, an Internet
Commerce Service Provider (ICSP) and Web hosting company, launched giantmall.com, calling it a “new breed of
online shopping mall.”

The company said it is leveraging its expertise in Web hosting to offer a
second generation mall that provides a tightly integrated commerce environment
that is “easy-to-use, rich in value-added services and delivers a great return
on investment.”

Giantmall.com is leasing space on its servers, rather than charging merchants
a fee per sales transaction.

“9 Net Avenue is dedicated to empowering consumers and retailers to take full
advantage of shopping over the Internet,” said Yuri Frid, vice president of
sales and business development of 9 Net Avenue. “Giantmall.com meets both the
consumer’s desire for community, convenience and value, and the retailers’
requirements for turnkey e-commerce solutions that support increased sales
productivity, revenue growth and business development.”

The mall hosts a variety of storefronts ranging from paint companies to
children’s clothing retailers. Stores are organized in a directory and
personal shoppers assist customers through the entire shopping experience from
entry to payment.

Intelligent cross selling guides shoppers to products that
are likely to be purchased during their mall visit. Items are recommended to
shoppers based on previous trends of that specific shopper, items in the
shopper’s cart and items the shopper has browsed during the current session.

For merchants, an introductory free store allows retailers to sell up to 10
items for free, providing a method to test-drive selling online. Once the
store is set up, giantmall.com helps merchants reach the most specific target
audience possible through intelligent cross selling and targeted online
advertising, the company said.

Quick Fix Promotions can create ad banners in
24 hours, and utilizing push technology, boost business in a matter of hours,
the company said. Giantmall.com also provides its merchants advertising
performance and demographic reports.

Compaq Services and Microsoft Consulting Services provided the systems
integration services required to support giantmall.com. Unisys enterprise-
class Windows NT Web servers are being used. Microsoft Commercial Internet
System (MCIS) 2.0 is the platform for e-commerce hosting, and Microsoft Site
Server 3.0 is being used for e-commerce development. INEX Corp. Commerce Court
suite of products is available for merchants.

Management software ranges from a special introductory offer of $495 to $849.
Web hosting services range from $29 to $129 per month including an initial set
up fee of $69.

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