Acuity Launches WebCenter Express

Acuity (formerly
delivered WebCenter Express, an application that “enables Web-centric
businesses to improve e-commerce results and reduce customer service costs” by
offering live sales assistance to consumers.

The software integrates self-help with real-time interaction capabilities,
allowing effective customer service via the Web, the company said.

WebCenter Express provides customers with self-service options through a
searchable, browesable, threaded discussion engine, while live help is offered
through Acuity’s text conferencing and browser screen synchronization
capabilities. With WebCenter Express, businesses can provide live, Web-based
sales assistance directly to customers engaged in product research, catalog
browsing, and final order placement, Acuity said.

Customers can access a WebCenter Express-enabled Web site from a standard
browser, without downloading and installing additional software. The product
provides a secure customer service environment that allows communication
behind corporate firewalls, the company said.

WebCenter Express follows Acuity’s June release of WebCenter Enterprise, a
larger application.

Acuity also announced new strategic alliances with INTERSHOP,
Hewlett-Packard Co. and Verio. Several organizations including, an art and framing gallery,
and New Hope Online at the Crystal Cathedral, an online
counseling center, already licensed WebCenter Express, the company said.

The INTERSHOP agreement is a joint customer integration, sales and marketing
partnership. Acuity joined the H-P Covision program, a comprehensive
initiative to bring together best-of-breed Internet application and channel
companies. Verio, which
currently hosts 65 of Acuity’s customers, will provide hosting services for
WebCenter Express.

WebCenter Express, available for the Windows NT 4.0 platform, is $7,995 for
five customer support agent seats and unlimited end users in self-service or
live help modes.

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