Aptex Forms Strategic Partnership With Genesys/Adante

Aptex Software Inc., developer of
the SelectResponse intelligent response system for online customer inquiries,
formed a strategic partnership with Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc. and its Adante subsidiary.

Aptex is a subsidiary of HNC Software Inc. The partnership is designed to allow the
companies to provide a solution for companies that manage a large number of
customer interactions via e-mail.

By combining Aptex’s s content analysis and auto-response capabilities with
Adante’s routing, tracking, and reporting capabilities for messages requiring
personal replies, enterprise customers will be able to optimize online
customer service resources while reducing costs and improving service levels,
the companies said.

“The SelectResponse-Adante combination is ideal for companies with high
volumes of incoming customer e-mail,” said John Gaffney, Aptex vice president
of marketing. “Adante provides the infrastructure necessary for robust e-mail
management, and SelectResponse delivers the intelligent automation companies
need to achieve significant cost reductions.”

The Genesys/Adante e-mail management software, Adante 2.0, is an open,
standards-based solution designed to help companies route, respond to, track, and
report on high volumes of customer e-mail. Companies can respond to customer
requests using automated responses or by having agents in a support group
respond personally to individual requests. Agents may use suggested responses,
select alternate responses from the centralized library, or create custom

Aptex SelectResponse software adds key functionality by installing a “virtual
support team” to emulate and optimize human support activities, including
modules for skill-based message routing, automated response, agent
productivity enhancement and automated special offers and promotions.

“We have over 50 customers who selected the Genesys/Adante e-mail solution to
manage the deluge of incoming e-mail that resulted from their corporate Web
site,” said Charles Knuff, president of Genesys’ Adante division. “Now that
these customers are able to manage their incoming e-mail using Adante, many of
them are looking for ways to make the system more efficient and intelligent in
order to reduce the volume of messages requiring personal attention.”

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