Baltimore Technologies Offers J/CRYPTO V.3.0

Baltimore Technologies in Dublin, Ireland released version 3.0 of J/CRYPTO, its 100% pure Java cryptography library.

The product now includes a features that allow Java programs to generate,
process and validate X.509 digital certificates, used in conjunction with a
Certification Authority (CA) to provide an authentication and security
infrastructure for electronic commerce systems.

J/CRYPTO includes all popular ciphers including RSA, DES, Triple-DES and RC4.

New features for version 3.0 include: Complete X.509 version 3 certificate
handling; PKCS #10 certificate request generation; BASE64 encoding/decoding; DER coding; ASN.1 handling; CRL Version 2 handling; High-speed RSA performance for JDK 1.1 and higher; all popular X.509 Version 3 extensions; Subject key Identifier, Key Usage (and extended key usage), private key usage, general names, Issuer/Subject, Alternative Name, Policy Mappings, Basic/Name Constraints; certificate signature checking (given a public key) and certificate request application

Pricing specifics were not disclosed.

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