Bear Stearns Exec to Speak at E-Commerce Conference

Cliff Friedman, senior managing director of Bear Stearns and an authority on
e-commerce, will be the keynote speaker at the E-Commerce Summit at Internet
Showcase, to be held on January 30 in San Mateo, CA.

The E-Commerce Summit, the final day of the three-day executive conference,
will also include more than 20 other speakers, on-stage demonstrations of
e-commerce products and technologies, and a demonstration area where
attendees can get a close-up look at products and technologies that could
change the way businesses use the Internet.

The E-Commerce Summit is sponsored by InterTrust Technologies Corp. Founded in
1990, InterTrust Technologies reports it invented the first general-purpose
platform for secure electronic commerce and digital trust management, and is
delivering this platform as a unique set of middleware, tools, and service
infrastructure elements.

Four general sessions are included in the E-Commerce Summit:

  • Content Commerce (The First Wave): Presentations by digital content
  • Electronic Storefront Vendor Demos: Demonstrations by leading electronic
    storefront vendors
  • The Global Trust Architecture: Panel discussion outlining the essential
    requirements for new architectures in trusted electronic commerce
  • The Next Inflection Point: What companies will cause a revolution in the
    global digital economy? Who are the leaders in developing these technologies?

To register for Internet Showcase, visit the conference’s Web site
or call 1-888-33-UPSIDE.

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