BizRate Ranks Online Merchants for Customer Satisfaction

BizRate issued its Buyers’
Best for August, naming 10 merchants ranked best in overall customer
satisfaction as the result of surveys collected from more than 13,500
consumers buying goods from BizRate participating merchant sites.

Shoppers rated their experiences both at point-of-purchase and by e-mail after
the goods were received.

As a group, winners excel on all service dimensions consumers care most about,
BizRate said–in-stock availability, product selection, price, on-time
delivery and product information. In return, they are rewarded with high
customer loyalty ratings with more than 9 in 10 respondents agreeing they
would return to shop again.

The rankings:

  1. Crutchfield
  2. Parsons Technology
  3. CDNow
  4. CD Universe
  5. Broderbund Software
  6. Computer Discount Warehouse
  7. Recreational Equipment Inc.
  8. Music Boulevard
  9. Tower Records
  10. NECX Computer Marketplace

Sites winning their merchant categories will be entitled to display the “# 1
in Customer Satisfaction” medal from BizRate for the month of September.
Regular weekly results of all customer rankings can be tracked in merchant
“report cards” posted on the BizRate Guide which provides continuously updated ratings of the 400 most active online merchants.

More than 100 sites participate in the full customer satisfaction survey and are counted in
calculating the overall best. Only those merchants with a sufficiently high
volume of survey responses to ensure statistical reliability are eligible for
inclusion on The BizRate Buyers’ Best.

BizRate, an independent source of point-of-sale market research data, is a
proprietary service of Binary Compass Enterprises, a market research firm
specializing in the study of customer satisfaction on the Web. BCE also
provides professional consulting services to online merchants and others
interested in gaining a better understanding of the rapidly evolving e-
commerce market.

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