CitySearch Commerce Selects CyberSource

San Jose, CA-based CyberSource Corp. said it has been
selected to provide the secure order and payment-processing infrastructure for
the new CitySearch Commerce service.

Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch’s
CitySearch Commerce service enables small and medium-sized businesses to
conduct e-commerce on the Web. The CyberSource eCommerce Transaction Suite of
services enables merchants to safely process orders made directly on their Web

CitySearch Commerce will use the CyberSource GeoPay real-time payment gateway
to process online credit card payments, and CyberSource IVS Fraud Screen
service to protect CitySearch Web sites from fraudulent transactions.

“By partnering with CitySearch, small to medium size businesses can leverage
CyberSource’s full suite of e-commerce transaction services,” said William
Donahoo, CyberSource’s vice president of marketing.

“In providing merchants
with a turnkey payment solution, comprehensive fraud protection, and a
platform that will scale to support their future growth, CitySearch is making
all the right moves to help its merchant clientele sell successfully over the

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