EDS, Visa Get Smart

In an attempt to accelerate the adoption of smart cards,
EDS is teaming with Visa to launch the Visa Smart global smart
card initiative.

Visa Smart is designed to help financial institutions implement comprehensive
smart card programs. Consultant firm EDS will act as a primary systems
integrator for Visa Smart, providing systems consulting, project
management and implementation services to Visa members participating in the

Visa predicts that smart cards–plastic cards containing an embedded
microchip–will comprise one third of its card volume by the year 2002.

“The Visa Smart alliance is a major step in the evolution of the online
consumer market, with distinct advantages for financial institutions,
merchants and consumers,” said John Meyer, president of EDS’
Diversified Financial Services unit.

“The alliance also extends EDS’ thrust into the e-commerce market, which is
a main competitive focus for us — and one where our expertise in systems
integration and systems development emerges as a clear differentiator.”

“Our aim, through Visa Smart, is to ensure that Visa’s member banks have
the right support and to enable them to make the transition cost
effectively and comprehensively,” said Judy Smythe, Visa International’s
senior vice president of chip products. “EDS will help to provide the right
expertise and
resources to do this.”

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