Frontier Technologies Demonstrates Digital Signatures

Frontier Technologies demonstrated e-Lock’s new form signing capability, which provides e-commerce developers,
integrators, and consultants the ability to allow customers to digitally sign
HTML designed forms.

The product was shown at Internet Showcase in San Diego. It provides enhanced
security for electronic commerce applications through persistent proof that a
user has authorized a digital transaction, the company said. Further, e-Lock’s new form signing capability electronically delivers users digitally signed receipts for proof that the transaction was processed.

“Frontier’s new Web form signing capability enables companies to have the
highest degree of confidence that sensitive information such as contract
negotiations for a corporate merger are protected,” said Dr. Prakash
Ambegaonkar, chairman and CEO of Frontier Technologies.

With the e-Lock ActiveX controls, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft
IIS, signing an electronic transaction can be automated with little effort by
the user. After completing a form, a user is prompted with the exact text to
authorize or sign. e-Lock can be used to digitally sign almost any Internet-
based transaction like account application forms, fund transfers, credit card
transfers, and purchase orders.

e-Lock works with Microsoft CryptoAPI and Cryptographic Service Providers for
software, Smartcard, and high-speed hardware-based cryptography.

e-Lock Desktop v.2 beta and e-Lock Director v.2 beta are immediately available via trial download at e-Lock Desktop v.2 and e-Lock Director v.2 both will be available this quarter. Pricing for the e-Lock Desktop is $249 and pricing for the e-Lock Director is $1,000.

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