Fully Automated Bond Trading System Launched

New York City-based Twelve Point Rule Ltd. designed and
launched a new bond trading site called LIMITrader.com, with a new system
developed by LIMITrader Securities Inc. and programmed by Oracle.

With a focus on illiquid corporate, emerging-markets, and high yield debt,
buyers and sellers can sign onto the trading desk interface and negotiate
secondary bond trading
transactions online. Billings were not disclosed.

“LIMITrader’s service is the first completely automated bond trading system,”
said Bryan Thatcher, CEO of Twelve Point Rule. “It’s also the first system to
allow for completely anonymous trades. Even the trading desk doesn’t know who
the users are until the trade is executed. ”

Secondary brokerage services of all corporate bonds will be offered, including
medium-term notes.

“The system will make transactions more transparent to the
market as a whole by reporting all trades that are executed, ” said
Thatcher. “This is currently
not available in the dealer community.”

LIMITrader Securities is led by Don Weeden of Wit Capital.

“Twelve Point Rule was the obvious choice of a partner to bring LIMITrader to
the Web,” said Jim Kopley, vice president of marketing for LIMITrader.
“They’ve already proven their design and branding abilities of mutual funds
servicing online with their five sites for the Chase Global Mutual Funds
group. We also
appreciate that they’ve been in business for a long time and we can count on
them to continue to be there for our Internet development needs as we grow.”

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