iWoman and AccuWeather Partner

iWoman Inc., a new
women’s electronic commerce community, announced a partnership with AccuWeather to provide iWoman.net
visitors personalized weather forecasts, data, graphics and related

“This partnership supports our core mission of featuring merchants and content
providers who believe in giving back to society,” said Diane Estrada, CEO of
iWoman. AccuWeather recently announced that it will be donating a portion of
its proceeds to hurricane relief.

iWoman.net said it donates a percentage of gross revenue to the philanthropic
organizations featured within the community and encourages its affiliate
retailers to match contributions in an attempt to ensure that shoppers will
feel good about
their buying experience.

All of the merchants and content providers within the community have made a
commitment to combine business with social conscience, the firm said. Some,
like AccuWeather,
have their own causes and projects they support.

iWoman’ said its approach to electronic commerce evolved in part out of
futurist Faith Popcorn’s trend called Femalethink, from her popular book,
Clicking. The essence of Femalethink embodied in iWoman.net is that men and
women think differently and have different emotional make-ups. As a result
they don’t communicate the same way, don’t shop for the same things, and don’t
buy for the same reasons. The key is to be sensitive and aware of the
differences between the sexes and to respond to women in ways that recognize
and respect these differences.

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