Microsoft Courts Intel, AMD for 16-Core Servers

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  • Microsoft may be “all in” on the cloud, but building out the infrastructure to support a new breed of Internet-based services doesn’t come cheaply.

    The company has been building and expanding data centers around the world at a brisk pace as it ramps up its cloud offerings, and in the process has leaned on leading chip makers Intel and AMD to for new server processors.

    Specifically, Microsoft is asking the companies to build on their existing Atom and Bobcat chip architectures to develop 16-core server processors that would at once be more powerful and use less energy than current models.

    Just in Microsoft’s consumer business, the load on its servers is substantial, processing billions of email and instant messages each day, and a few billion more Bing search queries each month.

    Datamation reports on Microsoft’s quest for more robust server processors for its cloud computing efforts.

    Read the full story at Datamation:

    Microsoft Asks Intel, AMD for 16-Core Atom Servers

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