Microsoft Reveals Streaming Strides, Industry Support

Microsoft Corp. Monday hailed recent
consumer research which found that Windows Media now claims 46 percent of enterprise
customers using streaming media.

The April 2000 study by Market Decisions Corp. surveyed 1,200 large organizations. MDC said Windows Media’s nearest competitor is RealNetworks Inc. , whose RealPlayer has 43 percent of the market.

Bill Svendsen, vice president of MDC, said large organizations’ adoption and intent to use streaming media has increased 100 percent and 125 percent respectively since Oct. 1999.

In another analysis, Microsoft said an independent study by ZD Labs has confirmed
its own research on the scalability and reliability of Windows Media
Services. Microsoft trumpeted the results and challenged other streaming media services to follow suit.

“Today’s report from ZD Labs validates our own internal testing and
conclusively proves the unmatched scalability and reliability of Windows
Media Services,” said Dave Fester, general manager of marketing, Digital Media Division at Microsoft. “Microsoft challenges our competitors to put their technology through the same rigors and disclose the results to ensure customers have all
the facts before making their digital media platform choice.”

Microsoft is also announcing the addition of 13 international versions of its
Windows Media Player 7 Media Guide featuring localized audio and video from
more than 260 of the world’s leading content providers.

Microsoft is also claiming widespread industry support from leading
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and digital media service providers for
its Windows Media screen capture technology. Leading companies and products
announcing support Monday for Windows Media screen capture technology include
CentraNOW from Centra Software Inc., Hotfoot by Digital Lava Inc., Hypercam
by Hyperionics, Knowledge Anywhere Inc., Referentia Systems Inc., SmartForce
Elearning Solutions, Sonic Foundry, Camtasia and SnagIt by TechSmith Corp.,
Tegrity Web Learner, and Media Cleaner from Terran Interactive Inc.

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