Launches Digital Subscription Program Inc. Thursday announced the launch of a new digital subscription channel program designed to create possible recurring revenue streams for content owners by allowing them to leverage the company’s engineering, technology and content-management resources.

The program gives audio content owners the ability to create and manage on-demand subscription channels. Additionally, the digital subscription platform offers content owners access to a system of tools and services including security, royalty tracking technology, daily reports and complete web-based management. While channels will be initially categorized by musical genre, plans to extend its channel network to encompass all audio content, whether it is music, spoken word, educational or business-related content.

“We believe the subscription platform represents an excellent opportunity for large and small content owners alike to make money from music and audio content in the future,” commented Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive office of “Our digital subscription program is an integral component of a three-tiered system that is designed to encourage potential revenue generation online. By combining monies derived from our Payback for Playback program, just-in-time CD sales and our new subscription system, we believe content owners can maximize online earnings potential.”

The new digital subscription channel utilizes the same technology that was created for’s recently launched Classical Music Channel. Consumers can preview each available channel before deciding to subscribe. users can also add any selected subscription channel to their personalized music manager.

“Our subscription model is in its infancy stage,” continued Robertson. “We are involved in the creation of a new platform that everyone in the digital music space is excited about. As the subscription market matures, we believe this model will reveal significant revenue possibilities for content owners.” places no limit on the amount of audio content that may reside in a channel. Content owners set the price for their individual channel and designate the material to be made available. Additionally, content owners have the option of making audio content available for streaming or downloading, and may refresh content on their channel at any time.

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