Peapod Launches Next Generation Web Site

ctober 9] Peapod Inc. in Skokie, IL launched its next generation Web site featuring a new version of its Internet supermarket.

The new site is designed to make the online shopping experience faster and
easier, to provide broad access to Peapod for anyone using a standard Web
browser, and to reduce telecom costs associated with Peapod’s current dial-up
service, the company said.

The new Web site reduces by up to 50% the number of clicks comprising a
typical Internet grocery order, through enhanced search features and
streamlined design. The site also offers several new features, including
“express checkout,” more complete presentation of product pictures, nutrition
and ingredients, and a “SmartCart” showing a cumulative list of items being
purchased and a total purchase price for easy budgeting, the company said.

The new site is broadly accessible to anyone using a Web browser, including
via personal computers, Web-enabled television sets, high-speed cable services
and other devices. By meeting the requirements of corporate networks, the site
provides easier access to Peapod customers shopping at work, the company said.

Thomas Parkinson, executive vice president-chief technology officer, said: “We
believe our new Web site sets a new, higher performance standard for Internet
shopping, and stands alone in its ability to offer personalized user
experiences and execute one-to-one interactive marketing events.”

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