Pilot Joins H-P Praesidium Program

Hewlett-Packard Co.
said Pilot Network Services Inc. joined the H-P
Praesidium partner program and will incorporate HP Praesidium VirtualVault
servers within Pilot’s high-end secure e-commerce deployment services.

Pilot will host and maintain HP VirtualVault servers for corporate clients to
provide a secure platform for electronic commerce.

The alliance was made to enable Pilot’s corporate clients to deploy a
variety of
secure electronic-commerce applications, such as Internet banking, bill
presentment, retail catalogs or partner extranets, with the scalability and
simplified authentication rules HP VirtualVault provides, the companies said.

By subscribing to the combined capabilities of HP VirtualVault and Pilot’s
secure network services, customers can focus on core business strategy and
site content rather than on network and site development and day-to-day
security, the companies said.

“HP VirtualVault provides the server security for advanced electronic
commerce, and Pilot provides the built-in network security for the connection
between HP VirtualVault and the Internet,” said Roberto Medrano, general
manager of H-P’s Internet Security Operation.

“Pilot has invented a dynamic security infrastructure that will protect
VirtualVault on a daily basis,” said Marketta Silvera, president and chief
executive officer of Pilot Network Services. “The result is an electronic-
commerce ‘dialtone’ that corporations can subscribe to. They will be able to
focus on their core competencies instead of getting tangled up in security-
systems development, integration and deployment.”

HP VirtualVault maximizes the security of a Web server through
compartmentalization and control, supporting fine-grained, profile-based
management of privileges and authentication. Pilot in turn protects the HP
VirtualVault server itself and integrates it within a secure network so that
the server’s security features cannot be bypassed.

The HP Praesidium partner program consists of strategic alliances with
Internet technology providers to provide total Internet security solutions to
customers. The program also integrates Internet-based applications with HP
VirtualVault and other HP Praesidium products to provide customers with access
to electronic-business applications.

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