Portland Software Introduces ZipLock ESD Commerce System

Portland Software demonstrated beta
availability of its ZipLock 3.0 electronic software distribution (ESD) system
integrated with Microsoft’s new Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition.

The integrated application, ZipLock Merchant for Site Server, Commerce
Edition, provides users with the functionality of ZipLock 3.0 to brand, sell,
license and distribute digital goods, such as software applications, documents and images, over the Internet.

“Now, businesses operating Site Server, Commerce Edition are able to offer
real-time download and licensing of digital products from their Web
storefronts,” said Kate Joseph, vice president of product marketing for
Oregon-based Portland Software.

Store operators running ZipLock Merchant for Site Server can create and update marketing messages, such as promotional offers, that are dynamically displayed on the downloaded ESD product file, the company said. ZipLock Merchant automatically manages the buyer experience on the desktop, including the licensing and unlocking of product delivered online.

General availability of ZipLock Merchant for Site Server, Commerce Edition
will be in March 1998. Pricing starts at $5,000 plus transaction fees.

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