Primecom Debuts QuickSite Storefront Software

In an effort to promote e-commerce to a wide audience,
Primecom Interactive, Inc. developed
Quicksite, an automatic order-taking Web site program.

The storefront software is designed to target those without HTML
experience. Features include pre-designed templates, a video step-by
step-guide, instant updating and credit card processing using SSL
encryption. Also included is a search engine registry that automatically
registers the completed site with search engines such as Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista.

“Out of the millions of Web sites on the Internet, less than 10,000 are
able to accept automated customer orders, and that’s because jumping
through all the hoops of becoming a cyber-merchant typically costs a
minimum of $20,000 a year,” said Howard Leventhal, Primecom president.

“Primecom QuickSite changes all that by truly leveling the playing field
and making it possible to do business on the Internet affordably. It’s not
simply a programming tool. It’s a sales tool specifically designed to help
build your business.”

QuickSite Premier Edition costs $49.95 and has 50 templates in general
categories. The Gold Edition is $89.95 and has 370 templates in both
general and industry-specific categories. Prices include 30 days of free
Internet access and hosting from AT&T. That service will cost $29.92 per
month thereafter.

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