Rbid.com to Acquire Millionaire Island.com

Rbid.com Inc. Wednesday acquired Lead
Machine Inc.’s independent e-commerce destination Millionaire Island.com.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Millionaire Island.com was created earlier this year to support Rbid.com’s
supersites and to provide training, technology and support to supersite
owners and serve as a virtual business builder for supersites.

Millionaire Island.com explains the supersite operation and program to
prospective owners, but after becoming a supersite operator, Millionaire
Island.com works for the owner as a virtual business builder, contacting
people via the Net that fit the profile of prospective owners and telling
the Rbid.com story to those prospective owners.

“Not only does Millionaire Island.com work for the SuperSite owners full
time, even while they sleep, but it pays them $350 for every SuperSite sold
plus a continuing royalty,” said Tina Hagedorn, president of Lead Machine

Tuesday marked the successful official launch of Rbid.com’s SuperSite and
the debut of an new design, look and feel for R-city and its sites
including R-mall, R-freeads, R-homeguide and R-automall with original new
artwork and accessibility, allowing rapid access to all of the sites and
features from any location on a point and click basis, plus increased
network security and stability.

The R-auction site has also been upgraded with new features and
functionality. Both the layout and the loading speed of the chat area have
been revised with news and free e-mail features, which will be established in a domain later.

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