Digital Media Works Launches Site, Simplifies Graphics

In an attempt to simplify the process of developing Web sites with a
complex animated graphic “look and feel,” Digital Media Works
announced the launch of its Web site targeted toward graphic artists of
varying levels.

Digital Media Works’ site offers free graphic editing and rendering tools
to enable more efficient development of a visually enhanced site. By using
features on the site, Digital Media Works believes designers can be up and
running without purchasing software, going through a training program, or
taking the time to self-learn a product.

The Digital Media Works site is designed to appeal to a broad base of
customers from experienced graphics designers to novice users. It offers
various applications that enable users to adjust the size, shape and color
of its collection of buttons, logos, fonts, ad banners and business cards
using a browser-based interface. To view the output in different types of
browsers, the user opens Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer,
develop the graphics in one and update the other.

Users can archive their graphic creations on the site, storing all work,
including uploaded graphics. They can also store work indefinitely and
retrieve it for later modification. Digital Media Works plans to offer a
chat room where graphic artists can share ideas and graphics, and promote
their services.

Among the tools offered on the site is a color tool that enables users to
rotate designs across a set of complementary colors. Thus, if the background
of a given graphic is changed from a burnt orange to a burnt red, other
colors in the graphic are rotated proportionally across the color

Users wishing to use the applications and graphics on the site must
register on the Web site. There is no fee to register.

Digital Media Works seeks to develop new technology for server-side
graphics development, the first of which is this banner and general graphics
rendering engine.

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