Toccata Delivers Currency Conversion Software for E-Commerce

Toccata Inc., a Washington, D.C. based e- commerce company, said it is offering a free filter to e-commerce vendors that provides customers from around the world the ability to see prices in their own currency, rather than in the currency of the vendor.

The conversion software will enhance efforts by e-commerce companies to market goods to the global Internet marketplace, the company said. The filter can be downloaded by a vendor’s webmaster. Toccata it requires less than 30 minutes to load and test.

The first release is for Microsoft based-servers, with further releases for
Netscape and Unix-based browsers to follow shortly. When a potential customer
signs onto any
Toccata-enabled e-commerce Web site they are asked if they would like to use
this currency conversion tool. Once registered the customer will automatically
see all
published prices converted to their preferred currency from all Toccata-
enabled e-commerce sites.

Chris Williams, CEO of Toccata, said: “The ability to see real-time prices for
goods in any currency creates a vast new market for e-commerce vendors.”

Toccata’s own fully transactional service will be available in September,
providing order facilitation that collects funds from international customers
and pays to the account of international e-commerce vendors each payment in
their own currency.

Toccata will guarantee the real-time price for both sides of the transaction
based on currency rates at the exact time of the transaction, something that
it said is currently unavailable from credit card companies.

Williams said: “The Toccata system will allow international customers to know
the complete cost of the purchase immediately, so they wont be surprised when
they receive their credit card bill 30 days after the sale.”

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