Torveo Releases Rich Media Suite

Torveo Technologies Wednesday unveiled Opus 2.0, a Web-based suite of products for creation and display of rich media.

Opus 2.0 consists of rich media authoring tool Opus Studio and Opus Player, for viewing rich media without a plug-in. Opus Studio has three elements: Opus Composer handles rich media creation, Opus Painter adds image editing, and Opus Publisher takes the final creation step in creating the HTML for Web pages. Torveo said the entire process is streamlined to take minutes. Opus Player delivers various kinds of rich media including audio, video, 3D and panoramic images and dynamic slide presentations through a Java applet that plays directly through any browser with no plug-ins required.

Opus 2.0 enables Web sites to provide visitors with dynamic content like guided tours, rotating 3D images of products and movies and songs through browsers with no plug-ins required. Torveo said the ease and convenience of Opus make it suited to e-commerce sites where rich media can boost sales and enhance stickiness.

“Until Opus 2.0, Web sites that wanted to display interactive rich media were stuck with lengthy development cycles and required their visitors to have the appropriate plug-in software,” said Bill Reagon, vice president of Marketing and Sales, Torveo Technologies.

“Now, with Opus Studio, dynamic, interactive content can be created in minutes, and Opus Player enables the end-user to view this content quickly and easily. We feel that Opus 2.0 holds tremendous potential for e-commerce sites and any other site that wants to fuel traffic and sales.”

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