Virtual Reality E-Shopping Site Launches

VRBC in Fort Worth, TX launched
what it calls “the first truly interactive, 3D, Virtual Reality, shopping and
entertainment site on the Internet.”

“VR-Live” is a growing collection of entertainment and shopping “worlds”
designed to create an appealing ambiance for shoppers and effective sales and
advertising opportunities for retailers, dealers, and manufacturers, the
company said.

The “VR-Live Player” and “VRWorlds” are downloaded to the shoppers’ local
computer, and through their Internet connection, are seamlessly directed to
the VRBC Server. The server manages user traffic, world locations, and IRC

The user selects an avatar and proceeds to the Transporter Room. Stepping into
the Transporter Pad, the user is beamed up to the Pavilion World, from where
he or she can access all the worlds.

Said William E. Mayhew, VRBC’s president: “Virtual Reality will play a
distinctive role in the future of the Internet. VRLive . . . runs on
conventional PCs, and as a browser plugin, takes current HTML Web sites to an
entirely new level.”

“The infrastructure of shops and the first recreation areas are completed,”
according to Harry L. Scoggin, VRBC’s CEO. “Advertising opportunities abound,
with more than a few surprises, and we believe the retail community is really
going to like them! Our Shared State technology allows shoppers to ‘pick up’
products, and the 3D permits them to get the best possible views and
understanding of the products.”

Marketing data on users includes shopper profiles, shopping time, and
purchases. Specific retailers were not disclosed.

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