Vmail Offers Free Web Commercials

VMail Corp., a streaming audio/video company in Los Angeles, is offering free audio web commercials to qualified small businesses.

At the company’s site, a small business owner can write his own “script” for his commercial. He then submits the script to VMail where it will be voiced, receive a music background appropriate to the industry, and within 24 hours, the business owner receives a link to their streaming audio commercial.

“We want to make streaming affordable for everyone,” said VMail Webmaster Carlos Saenz. “By convincing our customers of the power of audio in their websites, we believe they’ll be future customers for our affordable streaming video services. No business should sell their products or services on the web with simple pictures and text.”

In addition to its streaming audio services, VMail also sells fully-produced streaming video ads to small business owners for as little as $98.

The company is building a national network of videography partners, which allows VMail to shoot a client’s “talking head” sales pitch or customer testimonial video anywhere in the country. The video is shot, encoded and then hosted on VMail servers. The typical hosting fee is $6 dollars/month.

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