Webentrepreneurs.com Launches Community for Biz Owners

Webentrepreneurs.com has launch a
new membership-based Web site for Internet entrepreneurs offering
information, resources and networking.

“The rapid growth of the Internet as a niche marketing tool for businesses of
all sizes has created a demand for an online community where people can
access information, stay current on industry trends and network with other
vendors and potential partners,” said Steve Morgan, president and founder of

Webentrepreneurs.com said it offers:

  • Exposure to other members and guests with common business goals.
  • A monthly newsletter with industry specific information.
  • Access to multiple BBS/message boards for the purpose of interacting with
    other members.

  • Access to a forum for chat sessions with industry experts.
  • Discounts on products and services from sponsors, vendors and other members.
  • Listing in a Member’s Directory, increasing exposure to other online
    business owners.

    The site also features research capabilities that enable members to access
    information on topics including services for establishing and building a
    strong Web presence, marketing strategies for targeting attracting and
    retaining customers; streamlining operations, cutting costs and increasing

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