Facebook’s Changes Aimed at User Control

Ever wondered if the “social” interaction facilitated by websites like Facebook isn’t quite as social as it could be? Facebook evidently has, and now it’s moving to change that.

In an ambitious product roll-out, Facebook is revamping its popular Groups feature, capping the membership size and offering admittance on an invitation-only basis. Additionally, users will have a privacy dashboard that will allow them to view the information that third-party applications are collecting about them, as well as a feature that provides a one-click download of all the information they have ever uploaded to the site. Datamation takes a look.

Social networking colossus Facebook rolled out an ambitious set of new features on Wednesday, each aimed at giving users finer-grained control over their activities and interactions on the site.

The changes include an overhaul of Facebook Groups, which the company is retooling to make more suitable to smaller, more closely connected sets of people, such as an extended family or a sports team.

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Facebook Retools With Focus on User Control

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