Cisco Umi Targets Home Telepresence

Is video really the next Big Thing? Cisco certainly thinks so. On Wednesday, John Chambers, CEO of the networking heavyweight, declared that “video is the next market transition in our personal lives and in our business lives.”

And with that ambitious remark, Cisco introduced the umi, a consumer-oriented product aimed at delivering telepresence technology to the home. VoIP Planet has the story.

Cisco is expanding its market reach into the home with its new “umi” (pronounced “you-me”) video conferencing telepresence device announced today.

The umi device will connect to consumer HDTVs using an HDMI input port, and includes its own HD camera. The umi enables users to make video conference calls as well as record video messages, which they can share on YouTube or Facebook.

Read the full story at VoIP Planet:

Cisco Brings Telepresence Home

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