Ubuntu Maverick Linux to Target Personal Cloud

Sunday is going to be a big day for Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor of the open source Ubuntu Linux distribution. That’s the day that the world will greet Maverick Meerkat, the latest iteration of Ubuntu Linux. Clever Canonical found an abiding significance in the date of Oct. 10, 2010, or 10/10/10, for the release of Ubuntu 10.10.

But the release is about more than alliterative anthropomorphic mentions of obscure animals and number play with the calendar.

With Ubuntu 10.10, Canonical aims to put the operating system at the center of a user’s Internet experience, billing the effort as a “personal cloud.” Linux Planet has the story on the next iteration of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Linux distribution is set to debut on Sunday (fittingly: 10/10/10), and with it will come a renewed vision for the idea of the personal cloud.

In contrast to the public cloud, where applications are served, the personal cloud is all about user data, content and synchronization. With Ubuntu 10.10, the Maverick Linux distribution will also take aim at improving the way users view their desktops and acquire new software.

Read the full story at LinuxPlanet:

Maverick Meerkat’s Personal Cloud for Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows

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