IBM Gains Partners for LotusLive in the Cloud

IBM has reincarnated Lotus Notes, that aging messaging and collaboration system from the pre-Internet era, into a modern, cloud-capable e-mail, conferencing and collaboration system. And after just two months on the market, IBM’s partners are embracing it rather quickly. Datamation has the details.

IBM said this week that just two months after rolling out its LotusLive partner program, it now has recruited more than 200 partners to sell its cloud-based e-mail, Web conferencing and collaboration applications.

Company officials said new integrated apps from the likes of Skype and Silanis have helped make the case for IBM’s cloud-based suite of business applications, particularly for customers in the insurance and banking industries.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) claims more than 18 million users are running LotusLive in the enterprise.

“Whether it’s in the cloud with LotusLive or on-premise with Lotus Foundations, IBM is making information technology easier to use for customers and simpler to provide for partners through a hybrid cloud and on-premise delivery model,” Alistair Rennie, general manager of IBM’s Lotus group, said in a statement.

Read the full story at Datamation:

IBM Partners Warming to LotusLive in the Cloud

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