OpenStack’s ‘Bexar’ Adds IPv6 to Cloud Platform

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  • A new release of the OpenStack platform is nearing release and it could dramatically expand the availability and scalability of the open source cloud platform. The new release will remove a storage limitation that previous versions had and it will also add support for IPv6

    Among several features being improved in the “Bexar” release is IPv6 support. OpenStack includes both a compute and a storage component. As DevX reports, the IPv6 support in Bexar is a dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6) implementation for the cloud compute component of OpenStack.

    The OpenStack cloud platform was first announced in July of 2010 as a joint effort of NASA and Rackspace, The effort expanded to over 35 technology vendors with the first official release in October of 2010.

    “The Bexar release has support for theoretically unlimited file sizes – it obviously depends on how much hardware you have – but you can store objects of any size that you have the hardware to handle,” said Jonathan Bryce, chairman of the OpenStack project oversight committee and co-founder of the Rackspace Cloud.”

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    OpenStack Adds IPv6 to Cloud Stack

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