Sugar Updates Open Source CRM Platform With v6

Five years and going strong. That’s the message from Sugar, which has just released version 6 of its open source CRM platform.

The new version of SugarCRM is focused on the user experience, and includes a simplified menu and faster search.

eCRM Guide has the details on the latest iteration of SugarCRM.

After five years, Sugar’s open source CRM platform remains alive and well, this week debuting a new version that touts a sharper look and new enhancements.

The new Sugar 6 release includes a revamped user interface and other tweaks that aim to make the system more efficient for users. To SugarCRM, the project’s chief commercial backer, the new version marks the latest step in the evolution of both the company and its core CRM offering, though to the layman, the improvements might at first seem relatively minor.

“The focus in Sugar 6 is on the user experience,” Clint Oram, vice president of products and co-founder of SugarCRM, told

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SugarCRM 6 Gives a New View on Open Source CRM Software

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