ADIC Upgrades Storage Networking Libraries

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) is upgrading its entire family of Scalar storage networking libraries to 2 Gb/second Fibre Channel interfaces.

The announcement covers all Fibre Channel connected models of ADIC’s Scalar 100, Scalar 1000, and Scalar 10K automated tape libraries. “We started shipping 2 Gb storage networking libraries in selected ADIC libraries beginning in July of 2001 and have a substantial installed base,” said Bill Britts, ADIC executive vice president of Sales and Marketing. “Now that many of the leading SAN infrastructure suppliers are making 2 Gb products available, we have extended support for the newer, faster standard to all of our storage networking libraries, including both ADIC-branded and OEM models.”

The company said the Scalar 100 is Available with LTO, S/DLT, and AIT technologies, and holds up to 25 terabytes of data in only 14 rack units. The Scalar 1000 supports from 1 to 48 drives, and from 118 to 1182 tapes. Supported technology includes LTO, S/DLT, AIT and 3590 in single or mixed-media configurations. The Scalar 10K is available in LTO, SDLT, AIT and mixed media configurations, supporting up to 648 drives and 15,885 cartridges for a total native capacity of up to 1,588 TB.

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