Auspex Roadmap Moves Beyond NAS

Auspex Systems, Inc. today announced a product roadmap it said moves the company beyond its origins in Network Attached Storage (NAS).

The company said products now under development will build on Auspex’s existing technology to provide a new non-proprietary storage model with storage virtualization, central management of heterogeneous enterprise data assets, and open access to major vendors’ storage subsystems.

“Our product strategy reflects the industry’s move toward making all data available through a common portal via storage virtualization, but we plan to take that concept further by becoming the first vendor to offer open access to multiple storage subsystems as well as add new capabilities like content-aware file categorization,” said Bob Iacono, Vice President of Marketing for Auspex Systems.
The first product in the new Auspex line is scheduled for release in early 2002. Further details will be announced at the StorageNet conference in December.

“In this way, we can meet the market demand for a universal storage management solution that uses an organization’s existing resources, combines the file sharing capabilities of the NAS architecture with the various benefits of SANs, and ultimately increases ROI,” Garvey said. “No other storage vendor is as close to fulfilling that vision as Auspex.”

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