Auspex Systems Adds to NS3000 Product Family

Auspex Systems, Inc. , a provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced three additions to the family of NS3000 storage appliances introduced last May. The new products will include a fibre-based network server with added fault tolerance and a high availability server pair — both shipping this month — plus a fabric-attached storage solution scheduled for release in early 2002.

Auspex said the new fibre-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) server enhances
the data protection capabilities of the entry-level Auspex NS3010 by
providing two independent data paths to every disk array through
redundant RAID controllers and dual fibre-channel host bus adapters.
The first fault-tolerant model will scale up to 7.5 TB, with later
models reaching 45.5 TB.

The high availability system consists of two of the new fault-tolerant
servers to provide redundancy of all components, plus Auspex’s
ServerGuardV(TM) software.The fabric-attached storage solution is designed to operate with Storage Area
Networks (SANs) from multiple vendors to permit file-level access to
SAN data.

“Our NS3000 product family has been engineered to meet the diverse storage needs of different enterprises as well as to move toward a universal storage management solution that overcomes the inefficiencies and extra expense of today’s vendor-specific storage strategies,” said Mike Worhach, President of Auspex Systems. “From our new modular design to fibre connectivity and the ability to mirror and stripe between multiple RAID controllers, we are building next-generation data management solutions that offer a wide array of choices and capabilities for storing and delivering enterprise data assets.”

Auspex said it is currently forging strategic relationships that will support its efforts to achieve storage interoperability as part of its fabric-attached storage initiative. The first of those relationships, with Brocade and JNI, were announced separately today at the StorageNext/Internet World conference in New York.

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