Auspex Systems Announces NS3000 Series Enterprise Data Servers

Auspex Systems Inc., a provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, this week announced a new NS3000 series of enterprise data servers offering what they claim to be the industry’s highest scalability, fastest performance, and richest range of data management tools.

According to Auspex, the new systems will scale up to 68 TB of storage on a single server and offer file serving power exceeding 18,000 I/Os and 55 MB per second for a single node for Unix and Windows environments, respectively. Sequential NFS writes are reported to be more than 70 MB per second. The company also claims a single server can expand up to three I/O nodes as workload increases in order to provide scalability.

The accompanying software suite includes high availability and data replication capabilities ranging from server clustering with automatic failover providing no single point of failure to high-performance NDMP-based backup and restore, point-in-time snapshots, flexible RAID and file system configurations, and heterogeneous file sharing. Auspex said fibre-based LAN-free tape backup, usually associated with Storage Area Networks (SANs), is also offered as a first step in converging NAS and SAN capabilities on the same device for seamless access to all enterprise data assets.

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