Bell Microproducts Selcts FalconStor’s IPStor

FalconStor, Inc. today announced that Bell Microproducts Inc. has chosen FalconStor’s IPStor(TM) to consolidate, virtualize, manage and protect Bell Microproducts’ internal storage in their new Montgomery, AL, facility, which opened last week.

According to FalconStor, the deployment of IPStor enables Bell Microproducts to implement an IP-based, fully virtualized storage network with enterprise-class storage services including high availability, just-in-time capacity management, snapshot, fast backup/restore, and replication technology across the U.S., from Alabama to California to facilitate remote disaster protection.

A joint Bell Microproducts, Rorke Data, and FalconStor team worked together to design the IP-based storage network, consisting of two IPStor servers working in high availability (failover) mode in Montgomery, AL, with both servers connecting to two Rorke Data Galaxy 55 RAID arrays in a mirrored configuration. IPStor servers are provisioning virtualized storage to multiple Windows NT servers, which in turn, are hosting email, Internet and intranet for the entire Bell Microproducts enterprise.

In addition to the Montgomery primary site, a remote replication site was also established in San Jose, California, along with replication capabilities between the two sites connected via IP links on wide area networks.

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