BitMICRO Puts 17.4GB On 2.5-inch ATA Solid-State Flash Disk

BitMICRO Networks has announced a 17.4 GB addition to its 2.5-inch ATA E-Disk series of solid state flash disks. Other member of the series include 13.3 GB, 9.2 GB, 5.1 GB and 1 GB flash disks at 24.8 mm, 20.7 mm, 16.7 mm, 12.6 mm and 8.6 mm heights respectively. The 2.5-inch ATA E-Disk series is offered with storage capacities starting at 128 MB up to 17.4 GB.

According to the company, the series demonstrates bursts read and writes rates of 16.66 MB/sec and sustained random read and write rates of up to 14 MB/sec. Powered by its own RISC processor, the disks avoid adding to the host CPU overhead that could slow down overall system performance. They are also fully ATA-2, ATA-3, and ATA-4 compatible.

“Our introduction of ATA25 with higher storage capacity and slim height demonstrates our commitment in meeting the needs of our customers,” said Dave Bultman, BiTMICRO’s VP of Engineering. “Further, it is becoming a reality that our E-Disk allows for faster access and safer storage of mission critical data in the enterprise, networking, telecommunication, aerospace and military, transportation and e-commerce industries.”

With its plug and play features, ATA 2.5-inch E-Disk series, BitMICRO claims, is an ideal drop-in replacement for any conventional hard disk drives (HHD), SSD or flash disk drives. Device drivers are not required. It provides up to 100x faster random read and write access times than the average HDD. Like all BiTMICRO NETWORKS’ non-volatile storage products, the ATA 2.5-inch series provides instant response by virtually eliminating seek time and latency.

The E-Disk series is fully compatible with Linux, Solaris, Windows, MacOS and LynxOS. It also supports AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, NetBSD, OS/2, QNX, VxWorks, SCO Unixware and OpenServer, Solaris x86 and Tru64.

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