BMC Introduces Oracle Database Storage and Recovery Software

BMC Software has announced an update for Patrol Recovery for Oracle, a network-storage
application that centralizes management of Oracle-database backup and
recovery functions across the network. It’s designed for Oracle database
administrators (DBAs) who want to manage multiple databases, including
those managed from Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange.

New in the release of Patrol Recovery 2.0:

  • Centralized management of heterogeneous databases across the
    enterprises, allowing customers manage databases
    other than Oracle-managed databases, all from a single console;
  • Elimination of management boundaries through remote management
    of backup and recovery tasks;
  • Greater flexibility and the elimination of guesswork by allowing
    DBAs to perform the smallest, most efficient recovery through precise
    point-in-time recovery analysis; and
  • The enabling of quick and efficient transaction recovery of bad
    transactions through log analysis.

Patrol Recovery 2.0 for Oracle will be available in January 2002.

"With responsibilities for 70+ Oracle databases,
we have a strong need for a single solution that will
allow us to simplify our complex management
environment," said Mike Harris, senior Oracle DBA of
Volvo IT North America, in a prepared statement. "Our team of four Oracle DBAs,
with a range of experience from beginner to knowledgeable
with BMC’s PATROL Recovery for Oracle, were able to
install and configure backups for all servers within a
matter of two weeks. The simple drag and click process
used in BMC’s management solution simplified what had been
a rather time consuming task for us in the past. Since
then we have seen several times how straightforward and
clear database recovery can be. The easy three-step
process: configure it, do the setup, and let it run on its
own, has not only saved us time and money in setting up
backups and recoveries, but frees up the entire team’s
time, allowing us to focus on more critical business

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