Compaq Adopts Gadzoox Networks’ 2Gb Fibre Channel Technology

Storage Networking products vendor Gadzoox Networks, Inc. today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation is integrating the its new 2Gb Fibre Channel fabric technology into future Compaq entry level Storage Area Network (SAN) storage solutions.

“Gadzoox Networks has helped lead the industry in bringing the storage networking infrastructure to the next level,” said Peter Korce, director, Compaq Multi-Vendor Enterprise Storage. “Gadzoox Networks’ time-to-market with standards-based 2Gb fabric technology enables Compaq to extend our lead in delivering the next generation fibre channel technology for entry level SAN solutions.”

According to Gadzoox, the availability of 2Gb fabric switches signals the next wave of technology that enables customers to optimize the SAN. As the speed of the switch and the surrounding infrastructure increases to 2Gb, the overall throughput of the network increases, improving the performance of applications such as backup, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and data warehousing..

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