Compaq Demos Global Storage Network

Compaq Computer Corporation today announced a showcase demonstration of a global storage network using Internet and Fibre Channel technologies.

Compaq said the global storage network links Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Sydney, Australia; and Nijmegen in the Netherlands to demonstrate the capability of its StorageWorks solution to manage and replicate data within a global enterprise.

Using a simple text file, Compaq said the demonstration proved that SANworks storage network management can query SAN- connected devices situated across continents and replicate data using SANworks Data Replication Manager. Compaq partner CNT, a global specialist in storage networking, contributed to the solution with its expertise and UltraNet Edge Storage Router. The router connected Fibre Channel SANs on the three continents together using IP technology.

Compaq demonstrated the global technology showcase during the opening of its Enterprise Storage Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands,

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